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LAB Theatre Guidelines

  1. The LAB THEATRE will provide opportunities for student-produced productions within the School of Theatre and Dance with equal emphasis on performance, design and technical requirements. Productions can be full-length plays, one-acts, musical revues, one-person shows or staged readings.
  2. The LAB THEATRE will consist of 2 production slots per semester, scheduled in conjunction with the School’s Mainstage Production calendar. 
  3. LAB THEATRE productions will involve WVU students, faculty and staff only (unless otherwise approved by the LAB THEATRE Committee). First-semester freshmen are not allowed to be a part of the Fall Lab Theatre productions unless approved by faculty.
  4. Students will submit written proposals for productions and the LAB THEATRE committee will make final selections (with input from other School faculty). Deadline dates for proposals will be set after the Main Stage Production calendar has been approved and the LAB THEATRE committee has selected production slots.
  5. Selection will be determined by the size, scope, feasibility, equality in areas of emphasis (performance, design and tech), and educational value of a production. 
  6. Each production will have a production advisor assigned from within the LAB THEATRE committee. 
  7. In the specific areas of performance, design and tech, a secondary advisor from a student’s area of emphasis may be required. This will provide students with a mentor in their emphasis as well as setting deadlines and requirements. The production advisor will determine which student would benefit from a secondary advisor and the student must then solicit faculty to fill that advising role. 
  8. The VDM and the SLAB will be the primary venues for LAB THEATRE productions. If a proposed production wishes to use another venue (e.g. the FALBO, the GLADYS, etc.), the LAB THEATRE Committee will check into any potential conflicts and determine the feasibility of the request.
  9. LAB THEATRE productions will not be scheduled during Dead Week or Finals week.
  10. Capstones, Advanced Directing Projects or MFA Thesis requirements can be fulfilled in conjunction with a LAB THEATRE production, and should be included in the written proposal to the Committee. After production approval of a LAB THEATRE project, any curriculum-based requirements may be fulfilled with approval of all necessary advisors. 
  11. LAB THEATRE productions will have some access to the shops for technical requirements as well as scheduled rehearsal space. Access to shops and rehearsal space will be set by the faculty or staff and will not conflict with any required shop work, Mainstage rehearsal time, or class work of the students. 
  12. There is a minimal budget for each LAB THEATRE production (amount fluctuates according to the School’s overall budgetary needs). Purchases must be made by a member of the LAB THEATRE committee or an academic advisor and receipts must be kept for the CAC Business Office.
  13. Technical Rehearsals for production can (usually barring any conflict with main stage rehearsals) begin the Sunday prior to opening night of a production.
  14. The set design and seating plan must be approved by the production manager prior to beginning rehearsal. The seating capacity of every venue must be observed: VDM 80 (including cast, crew, and all room occupants) SLAB 50 (including cast, crew, and all room occupants). 
  15. Once LAB THEATRE performance dates are set, all rehearsal dates and times must be registered with the production manager. All Capstones, Advanced Directing Projects, or other class-based performances requiring use of the School’s venues must register their dates with the production manager to avoid potential conflicts. This will also allow for a more complete calendar of events for the entire School.


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