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Faculty & Staff


Joshua B. Williamson, Lighting Design & Technology 

Acting, Musical Theatre, & Directing

Lee Blair, Acting & Musical Theatre, Director of Performance
Ryan Scoble, Musical Theatre
Jerry McGonigle, Acting & Directing
Jessica Morgan, Stage Movement
Cathy O'Dell, Theatre Appreciation, Acting
Brianne Taylor, Voice & Speech 

Design and Technology

Steven NeuenschwanderDirector of Design and Technology
Tammy Honesty, Scene Design
Mary McClung, Costume Design & Puppetry
Alan McEwen, Lighting & Sound Design 
Aubrey Sirtautas, Production Management

History and Criticism

Dr. Radhica Ganapathy, Theatre History & Criticism
Dr. Jay Malarcher, Theatre History & Criticism
Cathy O'Dell, Theatre Appreciation, Acting  


Dr. Yoav Kaddar, Director of Dance
General McArthur Hambrick, Dance & Musical Theatre
Maureen Mansfield Kaddar, Dance
Matt Saffron, Part-Time Lecturer 
Hirali Shah, Part-Time Lecturer   
Staci Cadalzo, Part-time Lecturer
Gretchen Hurd, Part-time Lecturer
Stephanie Lorenze, Part-time Lecturer


Kate Brittingham, Scene Shop Manager
Sarah Bourne, Costume Shop Manager
Brenda Hamilton, Administrative Associate 

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