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LAB Theatre Production Submissions

Students may submit proposals for LAB Theatre productions. Please review the LAB Theatre guidelines before submitting your production proposal. 

Submission due dates:


Fall: Monday after Thanksgiving

Spring: First Monday after Spring Break in March

Selection of a Student Director is based on the quality of your submission. Past directing experience, directing classes taken and GPA in good standing may also be used as consideration. Remember that LAB is completely self-run, so demonstrating self-sufficiency by including the names of other student collaborators (such as designers, stage managers etc.) is essential. 

Projects are usually plays or happenings between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in length, with a maximum of 5-6 characters. Both original works and existing plays are encouraged. Keep in mind that a full script must be available at the time the proposal is submitted. Variety shows and dance projects will also be considered. Upon approval, no major changes or escalation of production demands will be allowed. Scope of project must be kept to details outlined in this form. The Lab Committee reserves the right to suggest changes in script selection.

All productions are limited to 2-3 performances (generally Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30pm, and Sunday matinee at 2pm) in the VDM. Please note that your proposed play needs to be accommodated as per VDM space limitations. Please consider your play selections as per the given criteria.

On the submission form below, you will be asked to attach a copy of the script, as well as submitting a detailed proposal for the production addressing the topics below. Your submission will not be complete without a digital script copy. 

  • A Brief Summary of the Play
  • Main Themes
  • Director’s Vision/Statement (Why do you want to direct this play? What speaks to you about it?) 
  • Rehearsal Schedule Breakdown (Number of days you intend to rehearse)
  • Character Breakdown
  • Set Description
  • Costume Breakdown and Solutions. Names of Collaborators
  • Props Breakdown and Solutions. Names of Collaborators.
  • We look for self-sufficiency in the LAB, so list the names of fellow students who will be part of your production team as designers, stage managers etc.
  • Lighting Requirements and Possible Solutions. Names of Collaborators.
  • Sound Requirements and Possible Solutions. Names of Collaborators.
  • Staging Challenges and Possible Solutions
  • Note: If you are not certain regarding various tech requirements and breakdowns, please make an attempt and/or speak to a faculty mentor to help with this area of the proposal.  You can always speak to Irene Alby about a proposal before submitting. Email her at

LAB Theatre Production Submission Form

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