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The Puppet Mobile

Puppetry student performing on stage

For 40 years, the West Virginia University Puppet Mobile has been dedicated to bringing live puppet performances and educational outreach to audiences around the state of West Virginia. All shows are performed by WVU students and staff.

The WVU Puppet Mobile is back on the road Spring 2023 and taking bookings for tours. All are welcome to book, we have visited retirement communities, schools, scout troops, daycare, etc. We also do tours of our facility. 

We now have three shows to bring to your event, school, or organization. Each are approximately 30 to 45 minutes. This includes meeting the puppeteers and puppets for question-and-answer-sessions at the end of each performance.

For more information on scheduling the Puppet Mobile, please email Brenda Hamilton, our office manager.


Each show is $150.00

For shows with over 150 in attendance, it’s $1 per attendee.

Why we charge?

Pricing helps to offset the cost of building and maintaining puppets and sets, and for travel to and from the event. We also use funds to help develop new shows for touring. The WVU Puppet Mobile is supported in part by the WVU School of Theatre & Dance and through grants and donations.


"Goldilocks and the Three Bears" & "Little Red Riding Hood"

These retellings add a few new twists to the traditional tales with traditional marionettes. Whimsical and funny!

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (will be ready for tour in March 2024)

Join Jack O ‘ Lantern as he tells the tale of Ichabod’s adventures with the fearsome Headless Horseman. Performed in the Bunraku style of puppetry.

“Aesops Fables” and “The Stray Catz”

The Fox and the Crow, The Lion and the Mice and The Tortoise and the Hare. Meet the whacky animal characters from the traditional Greek stories. Performed with hand puppets. “The Stray Catz” round out the performance with a sassy fun lip sync.

"The Three Little Pigs" and "Neeburt and Nora"

We meet three rambunctious pigs who learn not to judge a wolf by his fangs. "Neeburt and Nora" will charm you as Nora teaches Neeburt a new song with the help of the audience.

Recent Tours

Puppetry students posing puppets on stage

WVU traveled to Jayenne Elementary School in Fairmont WV with its new marionette show.

Puppetry on Campus

New Grad Tour Coordinator

Jackson Berhow headshot

Jackson Berhow is a graduate from Central Washington University, as well as an MFA candidate at West Virginia University, my art has been a major part of both my life and education for over twelve years. Jackson is a self-motivated artist, who loves creating as both a hobby and a profession. He has experience in a wide variety of skills, including but not limited to flat patterning, fabric dyeing, thermoplastics, air brushing techniques, carving, casting/mold making, mask making, and one cool yo-yo trick. Jackson has experience working with children as well. With work experience at the San Juan summer camp “Camp Nor’Wester” and the “Eau Claire Children’s Theater” where he worked with children of differing age groups. His experience at the children’s theater has broadened his design and construction experience, allowing him to blossom as a stitcher and craftsman. Currently Jackson is attending Ohio University, refining his skills before returning to the field.

 Check out our BFA in Puppetry

Historical photos of The Puppet Mobile

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