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The Puppet Mobile

"The Magic Flute" PuppetWhat’s Going On With Puppetry At WVU!

For over
30 years , the West Virginia University Puppet Mobile has been dedicated to bringing live puppet performances and educational outreach to audiences around the state of West Virginia. All shows are performed by WVU students and staff!

The WVU Puppet Mobile is getting ready to open a new show, "Mrs. Piggywiggle" and  "The Radish Cure".  Pictured here are the  Puppet Mobile Players. From left to right students: Madison Cope, Alexandra Ashworth and  Jacob Currence as they perform the voic

The WVU Puppet Mobile is getting ready to open a new show, "Mrs. Piggywiggle and the Radish Cure".  Pictured here are the Puppet Mobile Players. From left to right students: Madison CopeAlexandra Ashworth and  Jacob Currence as they perform the voices for characters. Sound Designer Kelly Bell and Professor Alan McEwen (pictured from left to right) will produce a digitally mixed recording for the show tour comprised of music and sound effects.

 Students: Madison Cope, Alexandra Ashworth and Jacob Currence perform one of the scenes for recording.

Student: Madison Cope, Alexandra Ashworth and  Jacob Currence perform one of the scenes for recording.


"The Three Little Pigs"                  

An Adaption by Kevin Smith

Available for tour NOW!


The Three Little Pigs brings to life the classic tale with a twist.  Wolf isn’t feeling well and visits the three pigs to borrow some tissues.  As he introduces himself, he accidentally sneezes and blows over the house of straw and the house of wood.  Do Wolf’s sneezes become fierce enough to blow down the brick house?  Find out how Wolf and the pigs overcome their fears and move forward to help each other rebuild and become friends.

Approximate run time: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for Q and A.

"Aesop’s Fables"

Available for tour in March 2019! 
Adapted by Mary McClung and Jacob Currence

Let us come to you with this re-telling of three of the classic fables:  The Tortoise and the Hare, The Fox and the Cheese, and The Lion and the Mouse.  Will the tortoise finally lose the race to the energetic hare?  Will the fox  be out-witted by the crow?  Will the mouse decide not to help the lion after all?

Approximate run time: 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for Q and A

"Mrs. Piggle-wiggle and The Raddish Cure"     

Available for tour in March 2019!

By Betty Macdonald

Adapted by Mary McClung

This is a shadow puppet show!

Mrs. Piggle-wiggle is much loved by all the children in her neighborhood and helps parents with miraculous cures for children who are stubborn, or rude or bossy.  When 8 year old Patsy decides that she will never take a bath again, her mother calls on Mrs. Piggle-wiggle for advice.

Approximate run time :  30 minutes, with 15 minutes for Q and A

For QUESTIONS or to BOOK A TOUR email Prof. Mary McClung at :

Puppetry on Campus


Jacob Currence is an MFA Costume Design student who is very gracious to be a part of the WVU Performing Arts family. His graduate position working with WVU has created an opportunity for him to manage and work with the  Puppet Mobile,  to help spread the joy and the potential that puppetry can offer to our world. Jacob graduated from Davis and Elkins College, with his BFA in Theatre Arts. 

During and after college Jacob worked as a staff member and designer for the Old Brick Playhouse. He began his interest in puppetry working for the Old Brick Playhouse on THE POLAR EXPRESS™️, as a part of WARNER BROS. Rail Events INC. collaboration. It is through a love of design and working with youth in theatre that inspired Jacob into attending WVU. If you see the  Puppet Mobile in our neighborhood you might just see Jacob at the wheel!


The History of the Puppet Mobile:

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