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WVU Youth Theatre Academy

WVU Youth Theatre Academy 2019-2020

Mary Poppins 2018-19 Youth Theatre

WVU Youth Theatre Academy continues to serve the community by providing your kids aged 6-17 with the opportunity to perform in high quality theatrical productions while developing professional skills in all areas of theatre production and performance. 

Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment in which the kids are able to express themselves freely while simultaneously developing the discipline necessary to become professional artists in their own right.  Through auditions, rehearsals and performances, the students will understand the many aspects that go into the development of a play. 

                                                                                      (MARY POPPINS 2018/2019 Photo credit: Natalie Turkevich)                                                                                                                                                                                     

Antigone 2018-19 Youth Theatre Academy (Teens)

Every year, the program culminates with a double bill performa nce featuring the two shows created by The Young Academy and The Teen Academy Unlike other programs, our mission is strictly educational.  Our final production will have a weekend long run and will be followed by a pizza party. The show will be professionally produced, with the highest artistic standards, but is not intended to be an industry showcase.  As always, families will receive six free tickets for the performances.  Additional tickets vary year to year. 



              (ANTIGONE 2018/2019 Photo credit: Natalie Turkevich)

I am excited about the line-up of shows, and am looking forward to welcoming back many of our talented staff (as well as some new additions!)  We hope to see you on September 15th!


Irene Alby

Director,  WVU Youth Theatre Acadamy

WVU Teaching Assistant Professor


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