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WVU Youth Theatre Academy

WVU Youth Theatre Academy 2023-24

Registration begins: Late August

Mary Poppins 2018-19 Youth Theatre

We continue to serve the community by providing your kids aged 6-17 with the opportunity to perform in high quality theatrical productions/showcases while developing professional skills in all areas of theatre production and performance. 

Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment in which the kids are able to express themselves freely while simultaneously developing the discipline necessary to become professional artists in their own right. We currently have two groups, the Youth and Teen Academy. Each program culminates with a fully staged performance.         

                                                                           (MARY POPPINS 2018/2019 Photo credit: Natalie Turkevich)     


Antigone 2018-19 Youth Theatre Academy (Teens)

Our goal is to select developmentally appropriate material for different age groups.   As such, we work in small groups, separating the kids by age (groups may be adjusted year to year based on student roster, ages, interests, and levels). This approach maximizes your kids’ hands on opportunity to develop performing skills in all areas.  As always, our final performances have a weekend long run and are followed by a Pizza Party!  These productions are professionally produced with the highest artistic standards, but are not intended to be an industry showcase.   Unlike other programs, our mission is strictly educational.  Our Staff includes a combination of current         (ANTIGONE 2018/2019 Photo credit: Natalie Turkevich)

WVU students and alums. All of them have 

studied directing.  They are Certified in Child Safety 

Training and have received background checks.

I looking forward to welcoming you all back, along with our talented staff! We hope to see you in Mid-September! (check the Schedule tab for detailed dates)

Sterling Gibson

Director, WVU Youth Theatre Academy

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