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Casting Policy

Only students enrolled in and pursuing either a major (BA, BFA, MFA, and MDS) or minor within the School of Theatre & Dance are eligible to audition for Main Stage and Falbo Series productions. In the case of musical and/or opera productions for the Main Stage season, vocal performance students in the School of Music are also eligible to audition. 

Lab Theatre or Advanced Directing productions are open to any student enrolled in the University, regardless of major or minor.

All students should be advised that academic probation, cumulative GPA, and a timely progression within your degree program may influence casting decisions.


First-semester/First-year students  may not audition under any circumstance for any level of production. 

Second-semester students are highly encouraged to audition for any production.


MFA acting students, BFA junior and senior Acting and Musical Theatre majors must audition for all productions included in the School’s season and accept all casting decisions. First semester MFA acting students may opt out of auditioning in their first semester of study.


The Director, in consultation with the Head of Performance, makes all casting decisions. The actor best suited to the needs of the role and the play regardless of the actor’s degree emphasis will be cast. When all things are equal in the judgment of the Director at the time of the audition, casting priority will be in the following order: 

1.       MFA Acting students

2.       Junior and Senior BFA Acting / Musical Theatre students

3.       First-Year and Sophomore BFA Acting / Musical Theatre students

4.       All other majors and minors in the School of Theatre & Dance

  If guest artist(s) are to be used, the name(s) of said actor(s) and the role(s) they will be playing will be posted prior to auditions – at the earliest possible date.


Casting must always complement the story of the play but it must also recognize and respect our times and our society both locally and worldwide.  The School of Theatre & Dance is committed to color-conscious and gender-conscious casting with respect to all persons and to the plays we present.  This policy is fluid and ever-changing. We, as a School, welcome any input, commentary, or discussion as a chance to learn, grow, and educate.

*There may be ad hoc situations that may alter this policy with the approval of the faculty.

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