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Casting Policy

Only students enrolled in and pursuing either a major or minor degree plan within the School of Theatre and Dance are eligible to audition, with the exception of musical theatre auditions when vocal performance majors in the School of Music are eligible to audition. Laboratory Workshop productions are open to any student enrolled in the University, regardless of major.

First-semester freshmen may not audition under any circumstance. This also includes Laboratory Workshop productions.

Second-semester freshmen may audition, but will be cast only under rare and unusual circumstances.

MFA acting students and junior and senior BFA acting students must audition for all productions included in the Division’s advertised season and accept any and all casting decisions. (First semester MFA students are exempt from this policy and may opt not to audition.)

The Director, in consultation with the director of the Acting Program, makes all casting decisions. The actor best suited to the needs of the role and the play regardless of the actor’s degree emphasis will be cast. When all things are equal in the judgment of the Director at the time of the audition, casting priority will be in the following order: 

  1. MFA Acting Students 
  2. Junior and senior acting students 
  3. All other acting majors
  4. All other division majors and minors

If guest artist(s) are to be used, the name(s) of said actor(s) and the role(s) they will be playing will be posted prior to auditions – at the earliest possible date.

Casting is decided on the basis of ability, not race, except where race is germane to the text.

There may be ad hoc situations that may alter this policy with the approval of the faculty.