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Summer Acting Academy Classes

Acting Academy Classes   

Each year, the classes offered will be modified slightly to offer variety and utilize our instructors’ specialized areas of expertise. Below are a few examples of our offerings:

 Youth Theatre Games



This class will investigate techniques to deepen observation and listening skills, and will incorporate the use of objectives, obstacles, and given circumstances. Scene work will be explored using specially selected contemporary and classical texts. 


Rehearsal Warm-ups


This course will introduce students to Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, a system for observing, understanding and analyzing movement. Through the use of structured improvisations based on the nine viewpoints, participants will gain an awareness of composition in space, which will then be used to create movement piece for the showcase performance.



Participants will have the opportunity to synthesize skills learnt in other classes in order to present themselves well in a monologue audition situation.


Voice and Speech

This class will cover the freeing of the voice through the release of tension and explore warm ups, projection and resonance, as well the embodiment of text and language.


Character Masks

This class will explore bringing different characters to life through the use of masks.


Mask Work


Spontaneity, Awareness, Concentration and Trust!  In this class, participants will get in touch with their natural instincts and impulses, learn to take risks, building a sense of trust and support with their fellow students and themselves.


Stage Combat This class explores the physical preparation for, and safe use of hand-to-hand combat techniques for the stage.


Time will be spent working on a final demonstration, providing students the opportunity to apply knowledge acquired in the other courses.



Film Acting  Learning the basics for working on camera.  Participants will have the chance to see themselves on screen and analyze important elements of film acting and auditioning.


Playwriting  Through various writing exercises, participants learn to write and present short scenes on issues of interest to them.


Musical Theatre The exploration of singing and dancing for the stage, including acting the song.

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