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Community Theatre

Welcome to WVU Community Theatre 2017-18! 


As the new Director of the WVU Children’s Community Theatre, I am thrilled to continue our mission of serving the community by providing your kids with the opportunity to perform in high quality theatrical productions while developing skills in all areas of theatre production and performance! 

Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment, in which the kids are able to express themselves freely while simultaneously developing the discipline necessary to become professional artists in their own right.  Through auditions, rehearsals and performances, the students will understand the many aspects that go into the development of a play.

Due to increasing interest in the program, this year, we are opening the program to grades 9-12!  In light of this development, we are excited to produce a double bill, which will include ANNIE JR and a one hour adaptation of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.  The latter will allow the older kids the challenge of working with heightened language while developing complex characterizations.  All kids will have the opportunity to continue honing their singing, dancing, and acting abilities through work on the musical.

I look forward to welcoming back Adam Messenger as the new the Associate Producing Director.  A local professional performer, teacher, and WVU alum, Adam is no stranger to the Children’s Community Theatre. His dedication to the program over the years culminated with his excellent direction of DOROTHY IN WONDERLAND in 2015.  We are very happy to have him join our team once again, and look forward to bringing his expertise and professionalism to the program!

I am also thrilled to introduce a talented group of staff who will mentor these students through the auditioning, rehearsal and performance process while helping them develop skills in all areas of the theatre, including: warmups, text work, character development, voice, movement, costume design, set design.


Irene Alby

Director, WVU Children’s Community Theatre and WVU Summer Acting Academy

WVU Teaching Assistant Professor