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Theatre Facilities

The School of Theatre & Dance is housed in the Creative Arts Center.
Lyell B. Clay Theatre | Gladys G. Davis Theatre |  Antoinette Falbo Theatre  |  Vivian Davis Michael Laboratory Theatre
Scene Shops |  Craft/Prop Shop  |  Electrics Shop  |  Puppet Shop  |  Costume Shop  
Actors' Lab  |  Design Studio  |  Brown CAD Lab   
Dance Studios
Mary Katherine Wiedebusch Dance Studio  

Carmen in the Lyell B. Clay Theatre

Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre

The Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre is a 1,440 seat house with a proscenium stage 60 feet in width. This facility has a new double-purchase rigging with an ETC lighting console controlling 280 dimmers with a large inventory of new ETC SourceFour fixtures. The theatre is also equipped with full sound system, 12 trap doors in the stage floor, a stage lift that covers four different levels, 45 line-sets, 3 winched electrics, and a full orchestra shell.

We offer dance concerts, operas, and musical theatre performances in this space. Occasionally, the School will produce a large dramatic piece in this theatre. This theatre also hosts the Arts and Entertainment University Arts series that brings in tours of Broadway shows, concert artists, and other performing groups.

Blithe Spirit in the Gladys G. Davis Theatre Gladys G. Davis Theatre

The Gladys G. Davis Theatre is a recently remodeled thrust theatre that seats 212 and serves as the main performance venue where we produce 4-6 shows in this space each year. Although technically a thrust theatre, the Gladys G. Davis Theatre has been configured as an arena and a proscenium space for recent productions.

The theatre is equipped with an ETC Ion Lighting console and ETC Net3 equipment controlling 120 dimmers and over 170 instruments, the majority of which are SourceFour fixtures, as well as moving lights. The sound system is predominantly Renkus-Heinz speakers run off of QLab with 24 channels of output capacity. Secure wi-fi internet access is also available in the theatre for WVU students.

Antoinette Falbo Theatre

The Antoinette Falbo Theatre is a black box theatre seating up to 150 people. This space is used primarily as a studio for movement, voice, and acting classes as well as the end-of-semester dance concerts.  Our Community Arts Program, which culminates in performances for families and friends performs here. We share this space with the Opera Program in the School of Music which produces their opera scenes here as well. This space features a flexible ceiling grid, wood flooring, and walls of mirrors, for dancing, singing, and mask work.  The lighting system was recently upgraded to an ETC Sensor3 system with a Paradigm controller with 96 dimmers and a full ETCNet3 network.

Vivian Davis Michael Laboratory Theatre

The Vivian Davis Michael Laboratory Theatre is a small, proscenium style space with flexible seating space. It seats 50-75 people and is used for alternative style works, as well as traditional smaller pieces. It is also home to our Lab Theatre Series which are fully mounted student productions.  The VDM, as the students like to call it, has an ETC SmartFade lighting controller with 12 ETC dimmers.  An ETC Express is also used in this theatre. 

Scene Shop build for Blithe Spirit Scene Shops

The scene shops are located on two levels. The Lower Scene Shop houses most of our tools and equipment and serves as our primary construction area.  The Upper Scene Shop is home to the painting area, finishing work, and metal work. Running between the two is a 60 foot wide paint frame which enables us to send flats, and constructed pieces up to the second floor for finishing. The frame is large enough for us to paint full scale drops for any of our theatres. The upper level of the scene shop is conveniently located on the same floor as two of our main theatres. It is adjacent to the Gladys G. Davis Theatre and across the hallway from the load doors to the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre.

Craft/Prop Shop

The Craft/Prop Shop is located within the upper scene shop where we build and finish small prop items, upholster furniture, and create most of our costume crafts. This shop is also where Stage Properties and Costume Crafts classes are taught.

Electrics Shop

The Electrics Shop is also located within the Upper Scene Shop and is located nearby the load doors to the Gladys G. Davis Theatre and the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre. This shop houses the School's sound, lighting and special effects equipment. With workspaces for equipment repair and maintenance, the Electrics Shop is the home to the lighting labs and classes.

Puppet Shop

The Puppet Shop is the shop where most of our puppet creations are made. Puppets ranging from larger-than-life scale to smaller styles-including marionettes, rod, and hand puppets are created here. It’s home to our touring company, the WVU Puppet Mobile and our majors in the BFA Puppetry/Creative Dramatics program.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop is located on the second floor of the building not far from the six dressing rooms used to support our performances. One dressing room comfortably accommodates 35. A second smaller dressing room accommodates 15, and the remainder are two-person dressing rooms. The costume shop has 12 table-top machines; two-table top surgers, two industrial sewing machines, and one industrial surger. We operate with several industrial irons, four large cutting tables, and several hand sewing areas. Our laundry/wardrobe facilities are adjacent to the two-room space along with the offices of our shop manager and the fitting room. Our storage space for stock is located two floors below, neatly caged in the trap room of the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre on the lower level.

Actors' Lab

The Actor’s Lab, affectionately named the “Slab” by our students, is a roomy studio for the acting program that is equipped with minimal lighting and some scenic elements that make it a perfect studio for scene study and acting exercises.  This studio is also used for the Acting for the Camera classes.   .     

Design Studio

The Design Studio for classes in costume, lighting, scenery design, and rendering is filled with natural sun-light, studio drawing tables, and a variety of tools used in the teaching of design ideas and techniques.

Brown CAD Lab

The Brown Computer Aided Drafting and Rendering Lab is equipped with 12 computer workstations. Featuring PCs, Macs, a large format printer, large format scanner, and a large projector, the lab is available to all our of Design & Technology students (BFA & MFA) for class and production work. Software available includes VectorWorks, AutoCAD, Lightwright, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Mary Katherine Wiedebusch Dance Studio 

The Mary Katherine Wiedebusch Dance Studio is located in Elizabeth Moore Hall on the Downtown Campus. This sprung floor studio has plenty of space, walls of windows, and a new sound system for classes and “works-in-progress” presentations. The studio features a new marley floor installed in 2008.

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