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Faculty & Staff


Joshua Blackmer Williamson, Lighting and Sound Design

Acting and Directing

Lee Blair, Acting, Area Coordinator for Performance, Associate Director of School
Irene Alby, Acting & Directing
Cornel Gabara, Acting
Jerry McGonigle, Acting & Directing
Jessica Morgan Bishop, Stage Movement 
Laura Hitt, Voice

Design and Technology

Robert Klingelhoefer, Scene Design, Program Director
Tiffany Delligatti, Costuming
Mary McClung, Costume Design, Director of Costuming
Alan McEwen, Lighting & Sound Design 
Steven Neuenschwander, Technical Direction, Production Manager

History and Criticism

Dr. Jay Malarcher, Theatre History & Criticism, Program Director
Dr. Radhica Ganapathy, Theatre History & Criticism
Bryce Britton, Stage Management and Theatre Appreciation
James Held, Theatre History
Linda Milian, Theatre Appreciation
Cathy O'Dell, Acting and Theatre Appreciation 


Dr. Yoav Kaddar, Dance, Program Director
Angela Dennis, Part-time Lecturer
General McArthur Hambrick, Dance and Musical Theatre
Maureen Mansfield Kaddar, Part-time Lecturer
Gretchen Moore, Part-time Lecturer   
Matt Saffron, Part-Time Lecturer
Katreena Snyder, Part-Time Lecturer


Sharon Goeres, Costume Shop Manager
Caila Shields, Scene Shop Manager
Andrea Teeman, Administrative Associate